Other personal development programs tell you what needs to be done to be successful, but they never tell you how to do it!

When training fails, it’s because an attempt to learn something new is being blocked. Unless a person can remove the roadblock that is preventing their emotion and intellect to work together, intellectual training alone will fall on deaf ears. This leads to a dangerously shallow manner of learning that almost never produces the intended results in the long term.

How many students attend, or graduate high school yet couldn’t tell you how our American system of government works? These same students can work their phones and computers to perfection. In this case, the students did not emotionally care about their history class. Their emotions were not invested in the study of American government, which led to them forgetting this information and moving on almost immediately.

Some of these same students were able to operate an iPad before they could walk. Their emotions were fully invested in learning how to work the piece of technology and they were able to learn it and retain the information much easier.

Another example would be the students who struggle to get through high school yet go on to become wildly successful entrepreneurs. Their high school struggles had nothing to do with their IQ, but rather with their lack of emotional investment into the information that was being taught. I know some of these people personally.

When a person is not interested in dealing with their emotions and aligning them with their goals, they will remain stuck, doing only what their emotional systems have been programmed to do.

We’ve cracked the code on human behavior. It’s now a science with predictable results. Our B-Code™ and Breakout™ process will allow a person to align their attitude with their goals (by changing their behavior at the core level,) and achieve whatever they go after.