Humans have been created to create and innovate. This is not new knowledge.

However, it seems as though we are moving backwards; digressing in quality from where we once were. Employers are complaining about the quality of employees. Employees are settling for far less than they used to. Student debt has paralyzed a large portion of our youth. Unemployment and under-employment have become accepted. 40 years ago, all of these issues were considered solvable.

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Humans have unlimited potential, yet most of us only develop an extremely small amount of it. Even those of us who seem to be more successful are typically only scratching the surface.

Since the beginning of time, we have tried to train and socialize ourselves through the sharing of experiences, hands on building of skills, and various other forms of formal training. It’s apparent that these types of training do not always work well.

We now know why. For any type of training to be effective, one’s intellect and emotions must work together.

It’s no secret that you have to change behavior to get a different result. Since the beginning of time, all training has tried to change behavior by talking to the intellect. This is the reason that employees only retain about 3% of the information they learn at training seminars. Their emotions are usually not invested in the content being delivered, and consequentially, they fail to learn. They are often viewing their “day of training” as a day off.

It’s a waste of time unless emotion cooperates, and it almost never does. We change behavior at the emotional level. Our program begins by teaching emotion and intellect to work together. This has never been done before and it’s why we’re patenting our process.