The YMCA of Beaver County is leveraging the proprietary, patent-pending B‐Code™ developed by local business entrepreneur Samuel J. Lucci III to enhance its executive management practices.
The resulting takeaways are helping the organization to refine and enhance its human resource function, across all of its local programming, focusing on all-important recruiting and retention at a time when talent shortages are widespread.
A dozen members of the YMCA’s leadership team recently completed a B‐Code™ training orientation led by Lucci covering attitude, behavior styles, communication and process. Attendees ranged from vice presidents to directors of aquatics, membership, finance, youth and childcare. 
Said YMCA Executive Director Michael Harich, “We’ve used the B‐Code™ knowledge to gain insight on our HR system, help understand human nature better and guide decision-making processes.”
The YMCA leaders found that the “behavioral styles” aspect of the training especially interesting and useful in helping to identify and adjust to differences in others.
“It’s interesting to know who on our team has what type of style,” Harich says. “We’re using this when interviewing potential employees and to develop a more through onboarding procedures.” 
The need for the YMCA’s services has never been greater as it adapts to serve its diverse base. Last year, the YMCA served some 124,284 free meals to those in need at 62 sites.
The YMCA’s mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. By emphasizing youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the organization enables youth to realize their potential, prepare teens for college and offer ways for families to have fun together. It also empowers people to be healthier in spirit, mind and body, prepares people for employment, welcomes and embraces newcomers and helps foster a service ethic.
More about The B‐Code™ – The B‐Code™ was developed by Lucci, who has been in business in Beaver County for 51 years and today owns Cabinet World Kitchen & Bath Design Center and Bath Fitter of Pittsburgh. He’s used his trade secret to propel record-setting sales growth in his multi-million-dollar companies, with a goal of helping employees become experts in dealing with people producing the behaviors necessary to excel in business. It’s a tool that helps users to identify, understand and eliminate their limiting opinions to express more of their natural potential. 
“The B‐Code™ allows you to rewrite the story of your life,” Lucci says. “It’s the owner’s manual for your mind, the one that your parents wish they had when you were born. Every limiting opinion you’ve picked up since childhood is stamped in your behavior.”
Through the Think More-React Less Educational Initiative, a 501[c] 3 non-profit, Lucci’s mission now is to spread the B‐Code™ beyond his businesses to the world at large including organizations such as the YMCA in addition to individuals and potential funders. His comprehensive, 29-lesson, online program helps people to stop self-sabotage, wrong choices in relationships, working harder rather than smarter, constant harmful rumination and sleepless nights, among other hindrances that hold people back.