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• Fearing an uncertain future?
• Dealing with difficult relationships?
• Drowning in debt?
• What do I do with my adult child that refuses to grow up?
• How do I separate the truth in politics?
• How can I protect my children?
• Frustrated at work?
• No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get ahead?
• Frustrated with the differences in age groups?
• Children driving you crazy?
• Afraid of getting old?


• Is your business robbing you of your life?
• Do your customers demand more and respect less?
• How can a small business finance paid leave?
• Where can I find enough suitable employees?
• Do old rules not work in business anymore?
• How do I deal with differences in age groups?
• How do I keep up with the sudden rise in wages?
• Do you love being your own boss, but it’s destroying your health?
• Why do people think that every dollar they give to a business is profit?
• How can I run an honest business and still make money?
• Are you at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control?
• Do you believe you can’t sell your business because it isn’t worth much?

You’re not alone.  We can help you turn things around once and for all!

The secret to getting more of what you want out of life and less of what you don’t want, both personally and professionally, lies in learning how to think more and react less. It’s powerful,  it’s effective and it’s something that you can harness for yourself.


• Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense
• Remove all doubt
• Rekindle your spark of life
• Learn to dream again
• Gain peace of mind
• Eliminate or lower stress
• Open yourself up to learn new things
• Get out of unhealthy relationships
• Stop your mind from driving you crazy
• Save your marriage
• Reconnect with your children
• Lose weight
• Eliminate addiction
• Develop new healthy habits
• Get out of debt
• Become financially independent
• Live your dream


• You
Those that have toiled long and hard and still not achieved their goals
Those that have been disenfranchised and want more from life
Those who are dissatisfied with their financial wellbeing
Those who want more peace of mind
Those who are seeking the truth in politics and government
Young people searching for purpose and improved opportunity
Business owners trying to grow a business
Salespersons who have to get their prospects to say yes
Managers trying to manage employees
Professionals who need to add and retain clients
Attorneys who have to impress judges and juries
Teachers who are trying to influence children
Clergy who are trying to separate truth from opinion
Blue collar workers who feel less than white collar workers
White collar workers who believe they’re better than blue collar workers


I can appreciate that you may be skeptical and believe that this is just another pump you up with sunshine gimmick. I never set out to do this but when I realized what I had found, I knew that this was too valuable for me to hoard. It had to be shared with the world because it will not only change lives on a personal level but in time it will bring sanity to our troubled world.

Understanding human behavior is now a science with predictable results. Our B-Code™and Breakout™ process will allow a person to align their attitude with their goals (by routinely changing their behavior at the core level) and achieve whatever they go after. This has never been done before.

Other personal development programs tell you what needs to be done to be successful, but they never tell you how to do it, because they don’t know what makes people do what they do. I do and that is the difference and why this new tool is patentable. It is an owner’s manual for a human being.

Training is a waste of time unless emotion cooperates, and it almost never does. That’s why people only retain 3% of what they are taught in a seminar, why students retain just as little in formal education, and it’s the reason why good intentioned people are being brainwashed, gaslighted every day.


Our proprietary process is designed to unlock your personal power and put you on a new course to achieving abundance in every area of your life.
Through the comprehensive, 29-lesson, “Think More – React Less” virtual program, you will learn:

• How to stop sabotaging yourself
• How to stop making the wrong choices in personal and professional relationships
• Why you work hard to get ahead but never seem to get there
• How to stop yourself from ruminating
• How to end sleepless nights

When you apply our B-Code™ and Breakout™ process, you will quickly see what makes you do what you do and – more importantly – how to change that to get what you want.
Understand yourself in a way you never have before and improve your life in every aspect, whether it’s at home or in your professional life. Develop more positive and fulfilling personal relationships. Find more confidence and success at work. Finally create the life you’ve always wanted.

It’s all within your reach when you take that first step.


Our comprehensive system will guide you, step-by-step, through a proven process
designed to help you take charge and get what you want out of life.

The Think More – React Less Personal Development Program includes:

29 expertly developed video lessons
• Individual chapter quizzes to measure progress
• Final assessment
• Exclusive access to our proprietary B-Code™ and Breakout™ process

Get the Think More-React Less Personal Development Course Now!




To awaken and stimulate the value, dignity, and potential of every individual now living or yet to be born by harnessing the untapped power of their minds and fostering a world of freedom and opportunity for all.

Think More-React Less Educational Initiative (TMRLEI) is a non-profit 501(C) corporation that offers for those that are ready, online education for unleashing the unlimited personal power that every human individual possesses, exclusive of environment, birthright, race, gender, socioeconomic status, and any other non-excusable factor.

As a world, we are in serious trouble today because thinking has become a lost art.

We want to offer to teach every individual the value of THINK MORE-REACT LESS™. We want to demonstrate and prove the value of this proposition while offering valid information on how to do it. We offer factual conclusions about relevant life topics. We want every individual to discover the unlimited power of the human mind through our curriculum. We will show how every individual can utilize this information to promote positive options in relevant real-life situations.

Get the Think More-React Less Personal Development Course Now!


We’ve cracked the code on human behavior. It’s now a science with predictable results.
Our B-Code™ and Breakout™ process will allow a person to align their attitude with their goals (by changing their behavior at the core level,)
and achieve whatever they go after.

Erosion of Progress
Training Intellect and Emotion to work together
What I need to be successful...and HOW?

Get the Think More-React Less Personal Development Course Now!


Humans have been created to create and innovate.

It appears that we are moving backwards; digressing in quality from where we once were.

Humans have unlimited potential, yet most of us only develop an extremely small amount of it. Even those of us who seem to be more successful are typically only scratching the surface.

The mystery of human behavior has been solved by our proprietary B-Code™ knowledge and our Breakout™ process. Human behavior is now an exact science with predictable results. This is the equivalent of an owner’s manual for a human being. You didn’t get one at birth or even in adulthood. Our patent pending B-Code™ and Breakout™ process offers you one for free.  Use it to unlock your personal power.

It’s time for all of us to stop doubting, whining, blaming, excusing and being manipulated by advertisers, political opportunists, religious fanatics and any other group or individual who wants to use our fear to control us.  This is your litmus test. When you are told, hear, read and/or think a thought, ask yourself this one question every time. Can I prove this? If you can, it’s a fact. It’s true and you can use it to make a sound decision. If you can’t, it’s a lie, no matter how good it looks, how true it feels or where it came from. It’s a lie. Reject it. Don’t listen to it. Don’t make a decision based on it.  This is the first step to taking control of your mind.

Get the Think More-React Less Personal Development Course Now!


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